Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

Just keep going

Months pass by and I'm still the same
Can't stop saying your name
Pictures show I look so washed out
I haven't slept right for days
And I was crying "please don't be in love"
(unless you love me back)
Put on my shoes and go for a walk
But I can't escape my thoughts... so I

Just keep going

And there's the turn - I'm so weak, I look in your eyes and die
And there's the turn - I'm so bruised, I can't tell you 'cos I'll lose, I'll lose

So I just keep going, just keep going
No distance showing, just keep it...

Songs write by and i'm still the same
Can't shake this fucking thing
I'll smile at you but I won't show my teeth
You'll only see half of me
'Cos when I slept in someone else's arms
I knew I knew the truth
Kept leaning over to kiss their month, but I kept expecting you.

Das Lied, was mir zur Zeit aus dem Herzen spricht.
Danke an Tilman fürs drauf aufmerksam machen und
danke an Wallis Bird für dieses Lied. Ich hoffe, wir werden uns bald sehen :>